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Why HopUgo

Each year we are a few millions to cross the Channel. For a romantic city break, a family Summer holiday or a friends ski retreat.

Who has never been desperately looking for the most efficient way to get to his destination ?

If other multimodal platforms already exist, none of them offer a complete spectrum of locations near the targeted spot with the associated transport combinations.

Our founding team intend to leverage on an in-depth knowledge of both UK and France territories and they have designed HopUgo with a unique travel routing system. HopUgo will save you both time and money.

Be ready ! HopUgo is opening soon…

About Us

Multimodal travel is helping shape a more connected world. At HopUgo we are all for it.
Finding the most efficient way to travel, combining air, bus, train, car.
All in one search!

HopUgo is specialized in multimodal travel searches between the UK and France.
The founders behind the online search platform have computed a revolutionary algorithm offering millions of passengers the most efficient travel combination in terms of cost, time, and number of transfers.

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